House Extensions

A well designed, planned and built extension can add considerable value, and that much needed space to your home. With the change in planning legislation which came into effect in October 2008, it has simplified the planning process for smaller single storey extensions, which can be classed as permitted development if they meet with certain criteria. Therefore, it may only mean obtaining Building Regulation approval for the proposed extension. With this in mind instead of putting a conservatory on the rear of your property, you could have a garden room with roof lights and large bi-fold doors out onto your garden, a room that could be used throughout the year, unlike a conservatory.

However, should you be looking to add a two storey extension, after discussing your requirements and the suitability of the site, we can produce the drawings and obtain all the necessary permissions. In general this process will take approximately 8 – 10 weeks. If walls need to be removed and steelwork installed, then we can also produce all the necessary structural detailing required.

Extending your home is a large investment and needs careful consideration. It needs to be executed in a professional way and that is where MIW Construction Limited will deliver your expectations.


The refurbishment of your home or business can cover many things from a newly decorated room to a complete re-wire or installation of a new heating system, installation of a new bathroom or kitchen, to opening up spaces within your property.
If you are making structural changes i.e. taking out walls or knocking openings in walls, it would be necessary to obtain Building Regulation approval. Small changes such as these can be done under a Building Notice, which is a simplified application and will not require plans, but would require structural calculations for any supporting steelwork that may need to be installed.

When refurbishing your home, it is important that you make the right choice of contractor, as you will have operatives working within your home for a period of time and they need to respect this fact and work with you to try and minimise the disruption.

Well planned and executed refurbishments can add value to your home, as well as improving the functionality.
If you are planning any refurbishment work, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Loft Conversions

A well planned loft conversion can add that much needed extra space to your home. Depending on the available space it can be converted into a master bedroom with en-suite, office or additional children’s bedroom/playroom.
The conversion of a loft into additional habitable space will depend on a number of factors.
The roof structure itself, whether it is a trussed roof or traditional cut roof and has sufficient head height once the insulation has been installed and the floor joists inserted. The ability to install a staircase into the loft, if it serves more than just a bedroom then it has to comply fully with building regulations.

Whether you will need to construct dormers or whether just roof lights will suffice.
With the new legislation it is possible to convert your loft under permitted development, if certain criteria are met, therefore not requiring planning permission.

All the works carried out would however require Building Regulation approval.
We can handle all aspects of your conversion to make the whole process as stress free as possible, and deliver the completed project on time and to your total satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss the possibilities of converting your loft.

Garage Conversions

Converting an integral garage can be probably the easiest way to realise more accommodation within your home. It can normally be done under permitted development, if certain criteria are met, although Building Regulation approval will be needed for the works.
A major part of the work can be done with little disruption to the existing home, until either an opening or doorway is created.
The additional space can be used for a verity of purposes, a children’s playroom, office space, additional lounge or with the addition of a shower room, an extra bedroom or room for an elderly relative. Most of these can be created at quite modest costs compared to an extension.
Should you have garage space that you are thinking of converting, then please contact us to discuss you requirements.

Planning and Project Management

Should you be considering extending or improving your home, we can offer a full service from initial conception to completion.
We will discuss your requirements and help you achieve your wishes within the restraints of the planning rules. We will then produce drawings for Planning and handle the submission. Once planning approval is gained we will then produce all the necessary details and submit a Building Regulation application.
We will plan, cost, build and manage the whole project through to completion. Should you wish to discuss any details further please feel free to contact us.